Valley Excavations

Corporate Responsibilities

Health, Safety and Training

Workplace Health and Safety is a crucial aspect of every industry and it is an area that we, at Valley Excavations, take very seriously. Our staff practices a high standard of health and safety by complying with the company Safety, Health and Environmental Management System (SHEM). This includes the Valley Excavation safety induction, which all new employees go through before commencing work, safety meetings, risk assessments, safe operating procedures and regular safety inspections to name a few. The goal of Valley Excavations is to achieve and maintain a high standard of Occupational Health and Safety and sound work ethics. This is a central theme that permeates from management right through to where the rubber meets the road. To achieve this goal we ensure all of our staff are continually trained in health and safety practices as well as their relevant field of work.

Environmental Responsibilities

Whilst productivity and safety are essential aspects of our business we are always vigilant about our environmental footprint and we are constantly on the lookout for new innovative technologies to assist us in reducing our impact. We have a strict waste management policy where by all waste is to be disposed of in the correct manner and one that reduces adverse environmental impact. This responsibility also plays a major role in our excavation and rehabilitation works ensuring we only disturb the necessary amount of vegetation and rehabilitation is done to the highest standards.

Community Involvement

We believe it is important to be active members in our local community and to support the community who support us. To show our appreciation we love to give back to the community with donations to The Moura Primary and High Schools, The Coal and Country Festival, Banana Shire Council fundraisers and local groups such as Moura Play Group and Moura Apex Club. Whatever the occasion, Valley Excavations can be counted on for our support.




corporate responsibilities corporate responsibilities