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Valley Excavations Equipment

Valley Excavations Huge Range of First Class Equipment

In order to be reliable for their clients, the Valley Excavation Fleet is well-maintained, very high quality and kept up to date. When you contract Valley Excavations, you can depend on machinery that turns up on time and gets the job done right! 

If you have an earthmoving job in the country, bigger is better! If there is a dam to rescale, bundwall to replace, a large culvert to dig out or a massive stockpile of gravel to move, Valley Excavations have the graders with larger blades, excavators with the biggest buckets and trucks with monster load capacity. All ready to make your job look smaller!

Exclusive to Valley Excavations in the Dawson Valley is the Drake 4×4 widening float, that means they get to the jobs others cannot. Having such a valuable and versatile piece of equipment in the fleet, is a demonstration of a commitment to delivering unbeatable service.

In the category of excavation equipment they use caterpillar bobcats, graders, excavators and rollers.

  • The Grader is the famous Caterpillar 12M, complete with 12 foot blade and is “Trimble Ready” for laser levelling systems.
  • The Bobcat is a 226B is perfect for building site cleanups, leveling off site pads and cleaning drains etc.
  • The Roller is available with pad foot and smooth rollers
  • The 12 tonne 311CU Excavator with the caterpillar tracks is perfect for sorting out creek crossing washouts and larger work.

 The Valley Excavation truck fleet is kept up to date to ensure reliability and our Kenworth T909 Prime Mover with truck and dog is built up to the Performance Based Standards (PBS) rated to 38 tonnes.

The truck fleet includes 6 Macks and 2 Kenworths, all late models and built to perform in harsh conditions.


Valley Excavation Equipment

Valley Excavations Equipment

Valley Excavations Equipment